Bunn BT Velocity Brew 10 –Cup Thermal Carafe coffee maker review

If you are all about speed, then the Bunn BT Velocity Brew 10 –Cup Thermal Carafe is definitely for you because it’s all about fast brew as well. It is designed to brew 10 cups of coffee in under three minutes then remain on to keep the coffee heated and ready to go. The coffee stays hot for up to 2 hours, which makes it the ideal brew for a small office or a household full of coffee lovers. It was designed and manufactured by the industry leader BUNN, which was founded in 1957 and has been designing innovative and effective coffee brewers since then.


If you happen to be on the lookout for a solid automatic coffee maker, the fact that you are actually looking for a BUNN coffee maker means that you are on the right path. However, there is a high competition among all the drip coffee makers in the market and to make sure the Bunn BT Velocity coffee maker is the right one for you, here are the features;


There is nothing fancy about this coffee maker. It will make you excellent coffee at an exceptional speed but that will be it. The machine has no timer, no clock and no buttons.


You need to make sure you use BUNN filters because they tend to be taller. If not, you run the risk of having an overflowing filter especially if you use finely ground coffee.


This coffee maker comes with no switch and to start brewing, all you have to do is close the reservoir lid.
Design and Materials.

  • It has a double wall vacuum insulated carafe that will keep the coffee warm. The double wall carafe makes the coffee maker more durable as well as dishwasher safe.
  • It comes with a stainless steel hot water tank that will keep the water temperatures as high as 200 degrees. It also has an 800-watt heater as well as a thermostat.
  • It has a unique spray head that will ensure you have an even and complete coffee flavor.


The coffee maker quality – The machine has been built very solidly with stainless steel and can overall be said to be a good quality coffee maker. Once you buy one, you get a three-year warranty, which means that you will be in for a good deal.

How to use – Just like most of the other Home Coffee Brewer, there is not much you have to do in order to make coffee using the Bunn BT Velocity coffee maker. Once you add some water in the reservoir and a filter with coffee grounds to the basket, you just close the lid and wait for the coffee to brew.

The Carafe – There have been issues cited that the Bunn BT Velocity Brew comes with a leaky carafe, which a lot of users have found to be quite frustrating because pouring the coffee without spilling becomes very close to impossible. While this might be true, the solution is making sure you clean the coffee maker because heavily oiled coffees leave the oil behind, clogging the spout and seal and resulting to a leaky carafe.

Cleaning – For a need of cleaning a bunn bt coffee maker it comes with its own cleaning rod and it will come in handy from time to time. There has been a speculation that if you use Dawn dish washing soap to clean the rim of the carafe, then you will not run into the leaking problem.

Durability – BUNN makes quality and durable coffee makers and you need not worry about this. It will last you a few years while still in great condition and very well functional. The appearance of the machine might not be fancy but the stainless steel goes well with the black.

The Price

Bunn coffee makers might not be exactly cheap but this one ranges from $119 on Amazon and $ 140. Depending on all the qualities you get from this coffee maker, you can agree that this is a good value for your money.


This coffee maker comes with no brew pause, no strength selector, no heating tray and no serving size selector but then again, it makes great coffee at a high speed, which is the best part about it.


It is black with stainless steel.

Final Verdict

The Bunn BT Velocity coffee maker is a great coffee maker and is recommended for heavy coffee drinkers, small offices, people who value speed brewing or people who want a machine that is long lasting. It offers quality and reliability at a fair price and for very good coffee, which makes it a worthy investment.

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