What to do if your Mr.Coffee sopped working?

trobleshootingMr.Coffee espresso/cappuccino coffee machines of Café Barista Series are considered to be as one of the most popular and handful kitchen appliance. These coffee machines are widely used all over the USA and Canada both at coffeehouses and at home.

Mr. Coffee Café Barista coffee machines are handy and useful. They have a wide range of functional features and can brew really nice espresso and milk beverages (see more here). But problems sometimes can occur. The system stops working or brewing. And sometimes it’s rather hard to find out the reason. So, let’s watch over the problems that may occur with your Mr.Coffee Coffee machine, and find out how to solve them.

What if Mr.Coffee Café Barista stopped working?

First of all, let us mention that we will speak about BVMC and ECMPT series. These coffee machines have common problems and very close solvation methods. Let’s begin.

1. While brewing process coffee does not come out the machine.

The problem may have several causes:

  • not enough water in the water tank;
  • too fine coffee grind;
  • too much coffee in the coffee filter;
  • coffee is pressed too much;
  • device is not turned on.

So, if your Mr.Coffee does not pour coffee into the cup, make sure you poured the water reservoir and turned on the appliance. Change the coffee grind on medium, and while preparing to brew don’t put too much coffee into the filter. Don’t press coffee too tight to prevent filter plugging. Remember, that M.Coffee can brew perfect espresso with less but not too less coffee.

2. Coffee comes out around the edge of the portafilter.

It is the very common problem when your filter is not locked. But also the cause may be in the basket rim: coffee grounds around the basket edge and stops proper work of the device. So, to fix the problem, wipe off the rim and clean the filter. Then make sure you put it in the full lock position. And remember, don’t put too much coffee into the filter, don’t press it too tight.


3. Milk in Mr.Coffee is not foamy after frothing

This problem may occur because of two reasons: device ran out the steam or milk is not cold enough. So, to solve it first of all make sure that there is enough water in the reservoir. Fill it if it’s empty. Then chill the milk. Mind that milk should be cold and whole (not boiled). The warm or hot liquid can be hardly frothed.

4. Foam and milk don’t come out the frothing tube.

If in your Mr.Coffee Coffee machine milk doesn’t come out the frothing tube then chek the tube. It can be blocked and you will need to clear it. To clear the frothing tube and milk reservoir follow several steps:

  • place empty cup under the tube, mind that cup should be rather large;
  • if necessary, fill the water tank, make sure, it’s full;
  • ame the tube into the cup;
  • adjust the control knob to CLEAN;
  • press LATTE/CLEAN button, hold it until the pump starts working, then release the button;
  • wait for 30 second until the cleaning function stops;
  • throw away the contents in the cup;
  • take off the milk tank from the appliance, discard remaining liquid;
  • wash and rinse the parts of the reservoir.


5. Coffee comes out your Mr.Coffee too quickly.

The problem may occur because you use too coarse grind coffee.Try the finer one. Also, it can happen because of less coffee in the portafilter. Fill the filter properly for better taste.

6. What to do if coffee comes to weak?

If you feel that espresso from your Mr.Coffee Cafe Barista is too weak, then check the filter. It’s possible that you use the small filter for the double shot of coffee. Also, check the coffee grind: coarse grinding makes weaker coffee. To get stronger espresso use the finer grind, but not too fine to prevent the filter blocking.

7. Three lights on the control panel flash alternatively, what happens?

If this happens ― check the water tank. There is a high possibility that reservoir runs out the water. Pour the water in it, and everything will stay all right.


8. Milk reservoir lights are not illuminated, there is no frothing.

To fix the problem check milk reservoir: it’s either not inserted or not inserted fully. So, insert milk tank if it’s not inserted. If it’s inserted push it firmly until the lights on the control panel are illuminated.

9. Water does not come out the water tank.

Possible causes for this problem may be in the not removed red plug from the reservoir base or in the water tank that was not inserted correctly. To solve the problem just remove the red plug from the water reservoir base. Mind that red plug is located in the where the water tank attaches to its base. If the red unit is removed and water still is not being pulled in, check if the reservoir is placed correctly. It must help.

In conclusion

Here we gave you several tips how to fix most common problems that may occur with you Mr.Coffee Cafe Barista espresso machine. If these tips didn’t help you to find any salvation don’t try to fix or repair your appliance by yourselves. It may cause more damage. Call or try to find official Mr.Coffee service center and bring the device there.

Mr.Coffee gives one-year limited guaranty on each its product and device. So, you can find a help and fix espresso machine for free.

15 thoughts to “What to do if your Mr.Coffee sopped working?”

  1. I was priming the machine for first use. Water flows down from the coffee filter, but when clicking the cappuccino button, no water is flowing from the frothed tube. What should I do?

  2. Need help, just used it for 6 months and now it hasnt started working. When i put the portafilter and turning on the espresso, the machine starts working its thing but no water has coming out. When taking out the portafilter, that is when everything (water) gushes out and leaks around the brew head. Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

  3. I removed the red plug and set the water tank correctly. However, the water does not come out the water tank. I repeated the priming steps so many times and the machine cannot even pulling the water out.

  4. Hi there
    I have one problem with mr coffee cofe barista wich is the milk come out not hot enough.. how I can fix this?

  5. Hello,
    I received this machine for Christmas and it has been working perfectly. Now the milk comes out of the nozzle, but it is barely frothed. I have run the clean function after every use. I have soaked the top section in hot water and vinegar. The milk is cold and there is water in the reservoir. Please advise
    Thank you!

  6. When machine goes on it starts letting out water by the brew basket and won’t stop. Help me please it’s the best I ever had.
    Mr Coffee Barista BVMC-ECMP1000

  7. my mr coffee cafe barista is one month old..the problem no steam and hot water is leaking from the bottom of the machine. Tried priming it cleaning it etc but nothing changed the situation. ????

  8. The flashing light does not stop flashing.
    Does that mean the heating element is gone, or the logic board is gone?

  9. Wow had just over one year and paid 180 for this machine . Stopped turning on don’t use every day . What a waste of money

  10. Where can I buy parts to the mr coffee cafe barista machine and I want to say thank you for all the great advice on how to fix the machine

  11. No steam or milk will come out of my Mr. coffee café Brista, coffee milk maker. No steam will come out when I hold the button in for it to do its cleaning cycle either. I have left except for several months unused. It worked fine the last time I used it. Obviously, the frothing tube is clogged?

  12. Our particular Mr Coffee Cafe Barista puts out A LOT of milk at either the Cappuccino or Latte setting. A significantly larger amount than my daughter’s unit that is the same model. We have to resort to limiting the amount of milk we put into the container and let it run out, otherwise it overflows even the largest mug on the doubl-shot setting. Is there an adjustment we can make to reduce the amount of milk dispensed at each setting?

  13. I have cleaned my machine, taken the filter out and washed it, checked the gasket and still, none of these options are working. Water comes through but when I put the filter in and try to make a shot the coffee no longer comes out

    1. While brewing process coffee does not come out the machine.
    The problem may have several causes:

    not enough water in the water tank;
    too fine coffee grind;
    too much coffee in the coffee filter;
    coffee is pressed too much;
    device is not turned on.

  14. Everything has worked fine for 2 years @ about 10 cups a day… yesterday when I pushed the button for a double shot, water continued to pump until I noticed what was going on. I tried the single shot button and same thing happened. What’s a girl to do?

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