Amazing coffee drinks you can make at home

coffee recipesCoffee is a beverage that have mostly traditional recipe, and very few people have a courage to cross the line and taste something new, unusual and extremely delicious. You want to know how to make you regular coffee more savory and spicy? How to feel real strongness of the drink; how to absorb its power, its flavor, and its taste at home?

Here we get for you some easy and handful recipes. So you can brew your extraordinary coffee at home even without the coffee machine. Let’s start.

Nr.1 recipe: Classic espresso with spices

Espresso is a truly classic of the coffee brewing, the basis of almost every coffee type. And this recipe will open some new faces of the drink you get used to sipping in the morning at home or coffee house. So if you have already learned how to brew regular espresso at home, try this recipe.

You will need:

ground coffee 7g.
water 3 oz
ground anise ¼ teaspoon
ground ginger ¼ teaspoon
ground nutmeg ¼ teaspoon
honey in taste

Cooking method

First of all, you have to brew the basis ― espresso. You can do it with your coffee machine or, if you have not one, you can make it in a traditional cezve ― special pot for Turkish coffee brewing. Also, you can use the french press or a small pot. To do this ― put just ground coffee beans in the cezve, pour them with 3 oz of cold water, and brew in the high temperature until the rising foam appears. Don’t boil your coffee, just wait the foam appears.

Second. If you want your coffee with spices then while brewing before the foam rises put in the cezve or in the pot honey, anise, ginger, and nutmeg. Mix them thoroughly and go on brewing.

Third. Do not boil your drink. When the foam rises take it away from fire or switch off your stove. The beverage is ready; you have only to pour it into the cups and enjoy the new amazing taste.

caffe espresso

Nr.2 recipe: Americano with honey

Surely, you know such a drink as americano. If not, make sure to know and to find some easy recipes of brewing in this post. In short, an americano is a beverage that is prepared on the espresso basis, but it is less concentrated.Usually, we take one shot of espresso and mix it with double amount of hot water. So, if you know how to make americano then it won’t be hard to brew americano with honey.

You will need:

ground coffee 7-9g
cold water 3 oz
hot water 6 oz
liquid honey 1 teaspoon
lemon 1 slice
sugar 1 pitch
egg yolk 1 piece

Cooking method

First. As in recipe above, first of all, we have to brew espresso. The task does not seem to be hard, you can use tips we gave you in the previous recipe, or find out your own way of brewing. It would be easier with french press and absolutely easy with the espresso machine. While brewing espresso, make sure that in the separate cup you have hot water.

Second. Second step is americano. Just mix your espresso with hot water in the separate cup. You can go it two ways: pour water into the cup with espresso, or vice versa ― pour espresso into the mug with water. We recommend second way: in this case, you’ll save strongness and foam.

Third. Prepare other ingredients. Rub the egg yolk with sugar until you get white mass, put a teaspoon of honey and rub them again. As a result, we have to get crema like mass.

Fourth. Put two teaspoons of crema like mass into the empty mug. Then start pouring it with an americano. Do it carefully, pour the mug with thin stream stirring slowly.

Fifth. Add lemon slice to the drink and enjoy.

americano with honey

Nr.3 recipe: Latte with white chocolate.

Do you like the latte? And sweets? Do you know what will happen if we combine latte with white chocolate? Yes, extraordinary beverage. Mildness and deep sweet of the white chocolate will pass to the drink through this mix. And new faces of latte will be opened to you.
Note: to make this beverage make sure you have a French Press.

You will need ingredients below:

ground coffee 2 ½ spoons
water 9 oz
milk 24 oz
white chocolate 120 g

Cooking method

First. Put ground coffee into the pot of french press and pour it with the hot water. After doing this cover it and leave for about 5 minutes.

Second. Pour the milk into cezve or kettle, put it on the stove and let it boil. Then add to the milk ground white chocolate, and keep boiling until chocolate melts. Blend the mass until white foam appears and take away from the stove.

Third. Pour your coffee into the tall glasses, put two spoons of milk foam on the beverage surface and pour a little of the white liquid in the glass. Enjoy.

coffee latte

Nr.4 recipe: Iced coffee with egg yolk

Iced coffee is a drink for those who can not imagine one’s own life without sweets. Coffee with ice cream is considered to be one of the most delicious in its taste and consistency. So, if you regard yourself as a true iced coffee lover then try to add in your recipe one egg yolk and see how it will change the taste of the drink.

To make iced coffee with egg yolk you will need ingredients below:

ground coffee 3 teaspoons
cocoa ½ teaspoon
egg yolk 1 piece
sugar 2 teaspoons
vanilla ice cream 50g
water 5 oz

Cooking method

First. Put coffee, cocoa, and sugar in the cezve, pour the water, blend and put on the stove. Keep middle fire.

Second. While your coffee is brewing, grind the yolk with sugar in the separate mug.

Third. When coffee becomes boiling, take the cezve away and put it on fire again in 5 minutes later. You need to repeat that action three times and then keep cezve away from the stove.

Fourth. Pour the coffee gently into the mug with yolk and sugar stirring constantly to preserve yolk thickening. Make sure you get homogeneous liquid.

Fifth. Transfuse your coffee into the tall glass and put vanilla ice cream in the beverage. Decorate it with cocoa or cinnamon powder. Enjoy and feel the difference.

iced coffee

In conclusion

Here we gave you several very interesting coffee recipes. They help you not only to brew your beverage but also to know more about this drink and to find some new intimacy in its taste. We hope the article was useful for you and gave you a bit more information about the coffee brewing subject.

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