Delonghi BCO 330T: all in one

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If you can not imagine your everyday life without a cup of coffee, and you hate the sameness in your kitchen than Delonghi BCO 330T is what you need. It is the unique system that will allow you to combine tastes and brew different types of the perfect beverage every moment you want it.

With such an animal in your kitchen, you can enjoy with regular coffee each morning, every minute you’ll choose to brew it for you. But that’s not all. With BCO 330t you will also enjoy with espresso, latte, cappuccino ― everything you like is in one perfect device.

What’s on board?

Delonghi had developed the unique kitchen device on all occasions. BCO 330t has several features that differ it from any other appliance. Those are:

  • combination of three-in-one coffee machine;
  • exclusive frother system (Swivel Jet);
  • 24-hours programmable timer and clock set;
  • advanced water filtration for perfect taste;
  • removable water tank;
  • wide range of options.

More about BCO 330T device

Three-in-one coffee machine

For those who loves coffee in all forms, Delonghi has developed BCO 330 T. With this device you will be able to brew espresso, cappuccino, and regular coffee simultaneously. It means that it will not be necessary to wait while one part of the device finishes brewing. Combi BCO 330t has two separate thermal blocks: the first one is for the regular coffee and the other is for espresso beverages.

So, if you wait for a company of the guests ― the same coffee lovers as you are ― then it won’t be a problem to make up to 10 coffee cups in very short time.

Exclusive filtration system

If you are a connoisseur of true coffee taste than you will be pleased to know about advanced filtration system that eliminates off-flavors come through the tap water. To make the filtration system work properly, you have to do only several steps:

  • open filter slot and remove filter;
  • fill the water tank;
  • put filter on its place;
  • brew your coffee.

There is a con of this system: the filter should be replaced every 80 brewing cycles or every six months of coffee machine use.

24-hours programmable timer

timer bco-330tProgrammable timer is a very handful thing when you want to brew your coffee at time, for example, in the morning by the time you wake up. The con is that timer works only while regular coffee brewing and doesn’t work with the espresso machine.

Timer and clock set have a user-friendly interface that allows very quick and easy switch between the options and settings. So, you can set timer and clock, but mind that if the power failure occurs your settings won’t be stored in the memory of the device.

Swivel Jet ― the patented frother system

The unique patented frother system ― so-called Swivel Jet frother ― will mix for your milk and steam. So you will be able to create your own cup of cappuccino or latte with rich and creamy foam. You can also use Swivel Jet to heat the milk while preparing the hot chocolate drinks.

But before start frothing mind one very important thing: use only fresh milk. Milk should not be hot or boiled. Also you have to mind that while frothing volume of the liquid will double or even triple. That’s why you have to be cautious when you choose milk vessel: choose the larger one.

Shortly about beverages preparing

frother bco-330tBCO 330t, as we said above, is 3-in-1 coffee machine that will brew several coffee types for you. You can make regular drip coffee and different espresso beverages simultaneously in very short time. Drip coffee system has a programmable interface, so the device will brew it at any time you’ll set the timer. To make regular coffee you can use the classic paper filter and also great for drip coffee gold tone filter. You have only to put it I special filter holder.

Several notes to mind! Before filling the water tank, pour the water into the carafe minding the quantity of cups you want to brew. Be sure that you haven’t overfilled the max level.

Espresso brewing

Delonghi Combi BCO 330t is a device for home use, that’s why you can be a bit disappointed while preparing espresso beverages. Yes, it can make beautiful foam for milk drinks. But it also brews espresso with steam, and steam produces pressure not enough to get the right tasted espresso beverage.

It is a fact that to make perfect barista-style espresso, coffee machine has to be able to produce at least 15 bars. of pressure. Steam produces less than 5 bars. That’s why coffee brewed with BCO 330t has the different consistency and as a matter of fact ― different less rich taste. So, if you are a lover of perfect espresso taste, it’s better to watch over Mr.Coffee coffee machine.

Video review for lower model of the BCO

In conclusion

BCO 330t is a perfect device for home use. It perfectly saves space in the kitchen, brews great drip coffee and fifty/fifty espresso beverages. Unique frother system helps to make espresso taste better but still, milk is not enough. Espresso is a lifestyle, so this device won’t fit the strict coffee lovers. It won’t give you coffeehouse beverages.

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